Create Your Own Reality – Bite Me (Violet)

I think this positive spiritual bullshit can help sometimes.

But other times it feels like a slap in the face.

To be expected to do things that go way beyond your limits.

That’s a really fucked up burden to put on anyone.

But especially someone that is going through what you can’t even fathom.


I really believe that was part of the plan all along.

For us to realize that there is truth to creating your own reality.

Only for it to be used against us.


It’s one thing if it’s empowering you.

But it’s another thing when it destroys you.

And the very little self-confidence that you had to begin with.


You think that you’ve finally found the solution.

That you’re finally in control.

Until one day you realize.

You’re fucking not.


Maybe to some extent you are.

But it’s not enough.

And then you feel as if you’re not enough.


They put you through trauma before you are even born.

They got to your mother first and then you came along.

The little dissociative innocent baby that they knew dwelled inside of her.

They made sure to make her as sick as possible while she was pregnant.

So you could know trauma before you ever even opened your eyes to this shit world.

You’re abused in the most sadistic ways in childhood.

And then the abuse just continues on and on.


You are a government experiment.

You are someone else’s property.

They made it clear you were no longer a person.

They made it clear that you were no longer human.


They make you think you’re out of the clear.

That you’re finally healing.

That you finally see the truth.


But really they are still abusing you.

They target you everyday.

In ways that make you appear crazy.

Because they are so covert.


You become invisible.

No one can hear you.

You are alone.

You have no friends.

No family.

You never really did in the first place.

The only difference now is that you can see past the illusion.


You are homeless.

You barely get any sleep.

You’re lucky that you can even get food.

And they slowly kill you.

But they make you feel like you’re doing it to yourself.

And that’s the worst part.


Written by : Violet



Multiplicity – Do You See Us? (Ashley)

Black Lives Matter.

I see this written everywhere. I understand why it’s so important to people now. I used to not see the point of only talking about one group of people, because I felt like it was excluding everyone else. I felt like it just added onto the division that is already so apparent in our society. But now I see that sometimes you have to put the focus on one group of individuals because the division already exists.

It’s really sad that certain races do get treated differently than others. There’s so many stereotypes that have become extremely harmful, and have lead to so many deaths of innocent people.

But when I see this I can’t help but to think about myself and others like me. This may seem like it’s selfish, but I think about how many lives have been stolen when it comes to people that are multiple and no one even bats an eye. They don’t even really know how many people like us exist and still believe that being multiple is rare when it actually isn’t.

It’s believed that people who are labeled with Dissociative Identity Disorder alone make up 1% of the population at the very least. It’s actually underdiagnosed and there’s so much controversy around it where people still don’t even believe multiplicity even exists.

So can you imagine how many of us suffer in silence not even aware of our multiplicity and/or are aware but have to hide it because of the way it’s viewed in this society? Do you have any idea how many of us have probably committed suicide over the years because of the lack of research, compassion, and understanding of our multiplicity?

Not only that but we are made to look like we are crazy psycho killers in the media so it makes people not even want to pay attention to us. Many of us have had such traumatic lives and never get the love and support we so desperately need. We have to stay so quiet and hidden that we can’t even fight for our own rights. We are also the ones that are put into programs like Project Monarch, tortured, and experimented on until we are sent to our deaths through being targeted and covertly harassed until we off ourselves.

So I ask myself this question…Do the lives of those who are multiple really matter to people? Because it certainly doesn’t seem like it. We don’t get any coverage when it comes to the truth of what’s actually happening to us. The truth is that most of us are victims of the corrupt who are in power, the same people that are being treated like gods, yet no one even notices. People see our multiplicity as something to be afraid of instead of something that should be accepted and that kills us inside everyday until we do finally kick the bucket for good.

Just because we are a minority doesn’t mean that our lives don’t matter. But you don’t see anyone speaking up for us. You don’t see protests going on to protect those who are multiple. Because no one gives a flying fuck. So yeah it hurts. It hurts when I see things like Black Lives Matter but never anything about how Multiplicity lives matter. We are just left in the dark, and no one ever comes looking for us.

But I’m tired of waiting and that’s why I’m speaking out. You may think I’m disrespecting Black Lives Matter by writing this post. But this is my truth. This is how I feel. Someone has to say something when no one else will.


Written by : Ashley